Welcome to the Emergency Wiki Space!

This wiki space has been created for our Emergency Response Teams and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the Emergency Wiki Space!

I am using this has been created for our Emergency Response Teams and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You will be able to do the following with this space:
  • Learn about upcoming skill building opportunities within the emergency curriculum
  • Participate in the Emergency Response Team Learning Exchange which includes upcoming on-line sessions on different topics
  • Post a question on any topic of interest and engage in the discussion forum
  • Learn about who is on the Learning Exchange community -- Check out the Yellow Pages
  • Post any helpful documents or resources
  • Find out about the Emergency Capacity Building Project

You can access any information on this wiki space by going to the menu bar on the left corner, click on the page of interest, and view any of the documents.
Emergency Response Coordinators in Bangkok 2008

Join this wiki today so you can contribute to our Emergency Learning Exchange community! Joining will enable you to post or participate in any of the discussions. To join, just click on the word "join" on the upper-right corner of this page and then enter your user information. This wiki is a collaborative website that enables you to access, contribute or modify content at any time, without the need to ever contact a web site administrator!! This wiki also has a discussion forum to promote peer-to-peer dialogue, coaching and/or support.

To Post Once you have joined you can sign into the wiki space by clicking on the sign in button on the top right corner. You will be asked to type in your user name and password. You can now have access to edit any page. Click on the page you are interested in, hit the edit page button on the top right. There is an icon that looks like a tree on the top corner for you to insert links this will allow you to upload any document of interest that you would like to include in the page. Try it! It is so easy!

Learning to use the Wiki –Check out this power point presentation that will walk you through how to use a wiki! WikiPresentation-final[1]-compressed.zip

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