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We are glad you are here. This is a space for all working in (or interested in!) Emergency Preparedness and Response. Here we will share ideas, ask questions and discuss key topics affecting our communities. We hope that this will also be a place to build your relationships with far-flung colleagues and leaders in your field from around the globe. We invite you to take a look around and get involved. We look forward to growing our Emergency community together and building a strong knowledge resource along the way!

Stay tuned for these upcoming Learning Exchanges in '09...

  • Assessments in Emergencies - Date TBD

Previous Learning Exchange Topics
**Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies** July 7 **Shelter in Emergencies** - May 21
**Shelter in Emergencies** - May 21
**Logistics and Supply Chain Management** - April 09
**Food Security** - December 08
**Psychosocial Programming - Moving Forward Project** - December 08
**CARE Emergency Toolkit**- November 08
**History of Previous Learning Exchange Topics in 07**
And the Learning Journey begins...
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5 Step Learning Exchange Process

Idea Behind Exchange: Stop reinventing the wheel. Start sharing and learning. Access to peer & expert knowledge. Get to know your CARE emergency colleagues. Develop skills and expertise. Have Fun. Click here to learn more!
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