For a quick snapshot of the CARE Emergency Curriculum see the attached document
curriculum at a glance.doc

For a more detailed catalogue please see
CARE Emergency Curriculum- print catalogsmg-8Mar08.doc

The Training Tracker
The Training Tracker is a simple spreadsheet that keeps track of CARE staff attendence and participation in various training events. You may view the tracker at . If you would like to add information to the spreadsheet, please email Camille Davis at

New Trainings in 2010 / 2011 are available now!
Trainings are in the areas of:
  • Gender
  • Shelter
  • WASH
  • DRR
  • Food Security
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Sphere
  • Emergency Assessments & Management
  • Public Health in Emergenices

...and many of these trainings are free! To view opportunities, please see

FREE CARE Academy Courses on Management
CARE Academy has 13 Project Management Courses now available which are tailored and designed to manage Projects in Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) . These courses are very interactive and have a length of 30 minutes to one hour. Although these programs are focused on general project management, the same principles apply to emergency management!
Courses are also available free from Cornell University on Strategic Leadership and Management.
Senior and middle management staff, CO ERT members and CERT staff responsible for emergency management are encouraged to take these courses! Send questions to . Please also visit CARE Academy website for new news and updates in CARE Academy courses and to take any of these courses.
To register and start taking Cornell courses please visit